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If you are shopping for hardwood floors, it is imperative that you understand the Janka hardness scale. Even though you might be a bit confused at first, this scale is quite easy to understand and can be of the utmost value in helping you choose the right hardwood flooring for your home in Mentor, Ohio. The experts at Floor Coverings International of Mentor are here to give you a quick look at the Janka hardness scale, including what it is and how you can use it when buying hardwood flooring.

What is the Janka Hardness Scale?

The Janka hardness scale was created as a rating system for different types of wood species. Each type of wood has its own rating on the scale. The higher the number of a rating a wood species has on the scale, the harder and more durable the wood is.

How are Ratings Determined on the Janka Hardness Scale?

When a species of wood goes through testing to obtain a rating on the Janka hardness scale, a .444″ piece of steel will be embedded in the wood; this piece of steel is embedded to a depth that is half the diameter of the piece of wood. Testing the wood in this manner allows wood experts to determine how strong the wood is in regards to how well it can stand up to scratching and denting. If you are expecting high levels of foot traffic in your home, you should opt for a wood species that has a high Janka rating.

Shopping for Hardwood Flooring in Mentor, Ohio

If you are shopping for hardwood flooring for your Mentor home, it is pertinent for you to familiarize yourself with the Janka hardness scale. Almost any type of hardwood flooring is going to look excellent in your home, but only certain types have a high Janka hardness scale rating. You will want to make sure you choose a wood species that can hold up to the foot traffic and wear and tear you are expecting to have in your home. Here is a look at examples of Janka hardness scale ratings for various wood species:

janka hardness scale hardwood floor in Mentor

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