Minimalist décor has been steadily on the rise for the past few years. The style focuses on making spaces feel clean and open, by using minimal decorations in neutral and understated colors. This way the true beauty of a home can shine. Regardless of your home’s style, minimalist décor can work well. With the help of Floor Coverings International of Mentor you can take minimalism to the next level and have flooring that emphasizes the design. Here are our top flooring picks for maximizing your minimalist style.


With its timeless look, hardwood flooring is a great option for any home. The design and stain of your hardwood floor can help give the classic flooring a minimalist look. A light hardwood, like beech, maple, or white oak, will help give your home an open and airy floor, perfect for a minimalist aesthetic.

A narrow plank will help minimize the appearance of the grain, furthering the seamless look. If you want to stain your flooring, choose a gray tone, as it will make the room feel bigger and brighter, giving your home a de-cluttered effect.

hardwood minimalist floors mentor


If price is a huge factor in your decision process, consider installing a laminate floor, instead of a hardwood. At Floor Coverings International of Mentor we offer many different styles of laminate plank flooring. Modern laminate does an amazing job mimicking the look of hardwood, so you will still get the same stunning effect.

laminate minimalist floor mentor


A light colored narrow-plank, bamboo is an amazing sustainable flooring option. Made from the grass strands of a bamboo plant, bamboo plank flooring is incredibly eco-friendly. The look will be similar to hardwood, with a light grain and color. The light features will help give your home a sustainable, minimal look.

minimalist bamboo flooring mentor


Are you looking for flooring that won’t look anything like hardwood? Consider installing a monochromatic matte tile. Wide tiles can give your home a clean, open feeling, perfect for a minimalist aesthetic. The simplistic color choice will allow your décor to shine.

minimalist tile flooring mentor

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