Mentor carpet rugBedrooms are an ideal space for you to express your personality and try out new styles. They are also the perfect place for you to unwind after a hard day. To merge both personality and comfort, consider beautiful carpet or area rugs from Floor Coverings International of Mentor. The wide variety of these flooring styles allows you to warm up your room, enhance a mood, or showcase your style.

Why Choose Carpets & Rugs?

Even though we all love the timeless look of hardwood, the stiff planks can get chilly in the winter. Adding carpeting or an area rug will bring a bit of warmth to your floors, as well as a splash of character. Also, bedrooms are generally a low-traffic area of the home, which means you don’t have to be as picky when it comes to strength against heavy foot traffic or stains. Here are some key attributes to consider when picking out an area rug or carpet for your bedroom.

mentor carpet rugConsider the Color

Colors can affect our moods more than we realize. While lighter colors will make our rooms look larger, they aren’t necessarily the best choice to help us relax. Darker colors are more soothing, like romantic lighting. Stimulating colors such as yellow or red are great for accent pieces, but don’t have the calming feel that’s best for a bedroom. Consider a dark grey or deep blue carpet to create a restful environment.

Pick Your Pattern!

Patterned carpets add a sophisticated touch to any room. Create a focal point with a bold pattern and choose complementary colors to accent the space. Floor Coverings International of Mentor can provide you will an endless variety to choose from. Patterned carpets and rugs are not just fun, but they can also conceal stains and spills. Since small children are masters at spills and unexpected messes, this is a great flooring choice for a child’s bedroom.

mentor carpet rugTake a Leap with Texture

Your bedroom will likely cover a smaller area than a living room, so you can pick more expensive fibers without breaking the bank. This freedom in budget allows you to experiment with new textures and materials. You can easily try diverse styles like bold shag, silky-smooth Saxony, or designer wool. We offer these carpet textures and more, just ask us what we have in stock.

If you’re looking for the perfect carpet style for your bedroom, let us help you pick a color, material, and texture that you’ll love. Schedule a free design consultation with Floor Coverings International of Mentor.

Photo Credit: © Artazum, © Pics721