Mentor carpet color In your Painesville home, there’s nothing like the feeling of comfy carpet beneath your feet. But what about the aesthetics? Carpet ought to visually complement the home too! Today Floor Coverings International of Mentor asks, should your brand new carpet be light or dark? We have some guidelines for homeowners looking to choose between the light side and the dark side of carpet tones!

Light Carpet

Light-toned carpet is certainly more traditional. It can bring a sense of freshness and vigor to your home. The brighter the tone, the more energy a carpet brings to the room. There is a lot of subtle color gradation to parse when you are determining a suitable light-colored carpet. For instance, beige or burnt cream?

Keep in mind that lighter carpets are usually more challenging to maintain. If you own a high-traffic home, there is the risk of visible dirt. If you would like to avoid visible stains in the first place, a lighter shade of brown can help to naturally obscure such markings.

Dark Carpet

Dark shades of carpet are definitely the cozier option. They can impart a welcome sense of relaxation in your home. Due to its natural shading, dark carpet will appear cleaner than its lighter counterparts. Any spills that occur will be far easier to hide after cleaning a dark carpet. For homes with children or pets, dark may be the best choice!

Mentor carpet color

However, if the carpet is too dark, areas that have endured high traffic can actually lighten in tone due to the fading effect of long-term abrasion. Consider this if you are thinking of having black or navy blue carpet installed.


If you are decorating an entire room, the best way to plan is by selecting the carpet color first. Paint comes in a multitude of different colors, meaning it will be much easier to match a wall color to a carpet than the other way around! For many homes, the best method is to pair opposites: dark walls for light carpet and vice versa.

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