As the name implies, luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) replicates the appearance of real hardwood flooring with commercial materials. These products have been trending in popularity among Willoughby homeowners that are making flooring improvements with an eye on cost-effectiveness and quality. Here at Floor Coverings International of Mentor, we are proud to promote the use of next-generation technology combined with non-timber materials to deliver the ambiance and durability local homeowners deserve.

What Homeowners Need to Know About Luxury Vinyl Plank

It’s important to understand that not all luxury vinyl plank flooring products are created equal. One of the primary distinctions homeowners should be aware of is that there is a significant difference between “waterproof” and “water-resistant” products. “Water-resistant” flooring likely wouldn’t be ideal for a kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom, but it might be perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or other spaces where liquids are not as present.

There are other items to be aware of when selecting luxury vinyl plank flooring in Willoughby, too.Luxury vinyl plank installed over floor.

  • Engineered Vinyl Plank: These products tend to be highly durable and are generally waterproof. They enjoy a high-density midsection and lean to the thick side of products in this class.
  • Money-Saving Installation: Today’s vinyl plank flooring products are no longer limited to what they can be installed over. One of our experts at Floor Coverings International of Mentor can install a high-quality product over concrete, plywood, tile, or a number of surfaces. With proper preparations, homeowners can save money by avoiding the cost of tearing out an existing floor.
  • Lifestyle Benefits: A professionally installed vinyl plank floor delivers improved benefits to homeowners. These products are soft to the feet, seamlessly fit in existing spaces, provide enhanced insulation, reduce noise, and are easy to clean.

Perhaps the most important benefit to having a new floor installed is that it enhances the ambiance of your home.

How to Match LVP in Willoughby

When selecting the best possible vinyl plank product, it’s essential that the color enhances the interior décor. Traditional spaces may work best with flooring that emulates natural wood. Modern designs may gravitate toward one of the contemporary designs or colors. There are three basic concepts to consider when matching a luxury vinyl plank flooring product to your Willoughby home.

  • Size Matters: There is a strong correlation between spaciousness and color. Light colors tend to make rooms feel larger. Darker products may make space feel more enclosed.
  • Existing Colors: Homeowners tend to go in two different directions with floor colors. Selecting a similar color or design already present tends to make it feel cozy. Contrasting colors can be exciting, but risky.
  • Materials Matter: It’s imperative to work with a product that delivers suitable thickness, durability, and is consistently waterproof or water-resistant depending on the space.

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