Deciding on the details of an office space can be tricky. It isn’t a personal space, like a home, where you can let your own artistic preferences take center stage. Workplaces must not be distracting with their design, and the taste of a wide range of employees must be considered. But a workspace should also be a place where employees enjoy their time.

When choosing the next floor for your Cleveland-area office space, both function and aesthetic should be considered.

FunctionOffice carpets in Cleveland

Workplaces are oftentimes high-traffic areas, with many employees and visitors coming and going as they conduct their business. Durable, long-lasting floors should be a priority for your company to prevent the floors from wearing-out prematurely. Carpet tiles, commercial carpet, vinyl, and hardwood are all options that will stand the test of time.

The right office floor can do more than just fit in, though. Certain floors like carpet or rubber are terrific sound absorbers, and reducing noise can help increase concentration and productivity.


While office space is intended for utility, the proper atmosphere can send a message about your company’s brand and help develop a positive culture. Finding a floor that is functional and contributes to your company’s aesthetic is important. Many types of flooring come in an extensive array of styles, meaning durable choices like carpet tiles, hardwood, and vinyl can all be used to create a visually beautiful and professional workplace.

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Whether you know exactly what kind of flooring to install in your Cleveland-area office space, or you need some help in the selection process, use this link to contact our team and set up a free, in-office design consultation! Design experts will bring our mobile showroom to your works so that you can see high-quality and relevant flooring samples within the context of your office. That’s just one more way that we here at Floor Coverings International of Mentor strive to be the premier local flooring provider for Mentor, Painesville, Willoughby, and Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

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