pet friendly flooring in Mentor

A dog waiting eagerly for you at the door or a cat curling up with you on the porch for a Sunday afternoon nap are amongst the greatest treasures in life, so it’s likely that a pet will be gracing your home before long. Many pet owners let their furry friends come inside, and leaving pets outdoors is frequently not an option the cold winters of Mentor, Ohio. The experts at Floor Coverings International of Mentor can help you prepare your home with these pet-friendly flooring options.

carpet tiles pet friendly flooring in Mentor

Carpet Tiles

Carpet can handle the wear and tear of activity while making the floor more comfortable, but it retains color and odor from pet messes. Instead of futilely steam cleaning or replacing the whole carpet, using carpet tiles lets you swap out problem spots as they occur, a bonus feature even if you don’t have any pets. Since this is the softest option on the list, it is highly recommended if you have an older pet.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is similar to hardwood flooring in that it will take scratches from clumsy dogs and cats, but it has the added benefit of a higher natural resistance to moisture. While you don’t want to let a puddle sit, it won’t sink in and linger if you miss the mess while you run out of the house for a few minutes.

pet friendly flooring laminate in Mentor

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is covered in a layer of clear melamine resin that hardens into a surface that is nearly impervious to scratches, moisture, and mold. It’s also typically half the cost of a hardwood floor, bamboo included in that list. The major downside to laminate flooring is that cats and dogs will slide across the floor while their claws clack gratingly every time they try to take a step. For that reason, it’s best kept to areas that will see minimal pet traffic but may need the extra protection just in case, such as in the kitchen or bathroom.

Vinyl Flooring

Modern vinyl is nothing like your mother’s kitchen floor – gone is the flimsy, easily torn material printed in glassy outdated patterns. Luxury laminate flooring can nearly perfectly mimic the look and texture of stone or hardwood. It’s stain, microbe, and water resistant on top of being much more durable than its predecessors. While these are all qualities that laminate flooring possesses, vinyl flooring has the added bonus of being a much softer surface, resulting in an easier time getting around for your pets and less noise when they do so.

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