natural stone tile in WilloughbyHomeowners often hesitate when selecting natural stone tile, because it is a more expensive material. However, natural stone provides several benefits that make it superior to porcelain or ceramic. If you are planning a new tile project for your Willoughby home, consider investing in this type of tile. With a wide variety of selection including granite, marble, slate, and travertine, you’re sure to find the right choice for your home.

Enduring Style

Natural stone has been used in art and architecture for thousands of years. Ancient Romans used travertine to build the Colosseum, and the Great Pyramid in Egypt was constructed out of limestone. Marble sculptures, such as the Winged Victory of Samothrace, date back as far as the 2nd century BC. Ancient civilizations recognized the value of natural stone, and its unique elegance and beauty are still recognized today. So when you choose natural stone tile, you can be certain that it won’t go out of style.

Durable and Long-lasting

Another benefit of natural stone tile is its exceptional durability. You don’t need to worry about your tiles cracking or wearing down from heavy foot traffic. With appropriate maintenance these tiles can last for decades. Additionally, once tiles do begin to dull and develop scratches, they do not need to be replaced. Rather, they can be refinished to return them to a like-new state.

granite countertop in Willoughby

Increase Your Home Value

Lastly, natural stone tiles add value to your home. Because of the benefits discussed above, including their unique beauty, excellent durability, and long lifespan, they are recognized as a valuable upgrade. Consider replacing your countertops with granite, upgrading your shower walls to marble, or transforming your living room by replacing your brick fireplace with travertine.

Get Started Today

Whether you want to remodel for yourself or increase your Willoughby home sales price, Floor Coverings International of Mentor is here to help. Take the guesswork out of your selection with a free, in-home design consultation. Using our mobile flooring showroom, we bring hundreds of samples to your home, so you can see how the flooring will fit with your space. Give us a call and start today.

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