If you were looking to incorporate hardwood into your next home renovation project, the friendly professionals at Floor Coverings International of Mentor recommend birch. This hardwood ranks top of the line in strength and durability on the flooring market. Residents of Painesville consistently rave about birch’s raw beauty, noting how its organic appearance makes it suitable for any environment. For those wanting to rejuvenate their space in an easy and wallet-friendly manner, birch is a simple flooring upgrade that will please you today and for years to come.

Originsbirch hardwood in painesville

Birch is a close relative to the oak species; however, it sets itself apart as a firmer and sturdier lumber. Most birch flooring encompasses distinguishable features that make it stand out from the crowd, including a curvaceous grain pattern and earthy color palette. The cost of birch wood flooring generally falls within the lower to average price range of other common hardwood flooring alternatives, making it the ideal selection for those in Painesville working within a specific budget.


This flooring’s wide range of tones makes it the ideal selection for varied decorating tastes. It typically has lighter sapwood and darker, more contrasted heartwood that displays beautiful, unique combinations of light creamy shades that blend with deep red and dark brown hues. Birch has a natural waviness that looks like flames that typically run perpendicular to the grain. This characteristic is also known as curly birch. The multifaceted colors and delicate patterns make every plank unique.

birch hardwood in painesville


Birch offers a cleaning ritual that is comparable to other hardwood selections on the market. The experts at Floor Coverings International of Mentor encourage clients to react to messes quickly and efficiently to prevent dust from accumulating and scratching your hardwood floor. Dry mop liquid spills to remove moisture that may warp your new floor. While the application of a sealant or finish is not required for the longevity of your birch hardwood, we offer these precautionary measures that will give our clients peace of mind. Implementing regular cleaning techniques will guarantee the success of your floor.

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