If you’re looking for a long lasting and enduring hardwood for your home in the Mentor, Painesville, Willoughby, and Cleveland area, look no further than hickory hardwood. Hickory flooring will add a rustic and warming elegance to your home. Our experts at Floor Coverings International of Mentor have all the important facts on hickory for you.


hickory hardwood flooring in Mentor

About Hickory

Hickory has a tight ring composition that makes it one of the densest hardwoods on the market. With an astounding score of 1820 on the Janka Wood Hardness Scale, Two main varieties, so-called “true hickory” and “fruit bearing pecan hickory” comprise that can be called hickory hardwood and are sold interchangeably. A species native to North America, hickory is sustainably sourced and has a lower carbon footprint because it’s a domestic hardwood.

Compared to other hardwoods, hickory has a much lower moisture absorption rating which helps mitigate potential water damage. Further, the density of hickory makes it high shock resistance and holds up with heavy foot traffic and furniture.


hickory hardwood flooring in Mentor

Style & Uses

Hickory has intricate grain patterns and coloration that can vary from plank to plank. It’s predominantly golden brown hue with bronze and black streaks and knots throughout. Prefinished or stained hickory will bolster the appearance and durability of your floor, but unfinished hickory will add a more rustic feel to your home. Hickory is available in both solid and engineered forms. While solid hickory can expand under fluctuating temperatures, engineered planks are designed to prevent this.

Hickory is great in many areas of the home, including spaces where you might otherwise be afraid to install hardwood. Since it holds up to heavy furniture and has better water resistance than other hardwoods, you don’t have to fear. From areas with high foot traffic like the entryway and kitchen, to the living room and even bedrooms, hickory is great for partial to whole home installation.

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