The flooring experts of Floor Coverings International of Mentor have the recipe for the perfect flooring: welcoming vibes, gentle textures, and affordable prices. If you are a homeowner in Painesville or Mentor and are considering hardwood for your office renovation or a home improvement project, we would recommend incorporating pine hardwood into your life. This soft hardwood features a unique rustic charm that will compliment any one particular style.

About Pine Hardwoodpine hardwood in painesville

Pine is a lightweight softwood that ranks at the lower end of the Janka Hardness Scale, but it has the reputation for being a kid-friendly flooring, which is a testament to how durable this hardwood can be. Its gentle texture is a feature that consumers love and appreciate. While it is most commonly recognized in flooring setting, it is also used for crafting furniture pieces, such as farmhouse tables. Pine hardwood is a lower-cost hardwood alternative that is easy to obtain for homeowners in the greater Mentor, Painesville, Willoughby, and Cleveland area.

Design & Construction

This softer hardwood alternative has a tendency to house some scratches and dents, however, develops an impressive patina from age and use. Over time, this flooring grows increasingly stronger and sturdier because of its fibers that compress themselves under weight and traffic. Pine has distinguishable brown knots that are featured on wood that ranges between hues of yellows and whites. Depending on taste, the homeowners of Painesville and Mentor have the opportunity to select planks with more or fewer knots to complement their décor.

pine hardwood in painesville

Cleaning & Maintenance

Pine hardwood guarantees minimum maintenance, and it offers a similar cleanup ritual comparable to any hardwood. Although it is not necessary to cover your flooring with a sealant, taking additional measures to protect your hardwood will do no harm and give you peace of mind. Sweeping frequently will ensure dirt and dust do not greatly accumulate. Wet mopping sticky spills and dry mopping any remaining wetness will keep your floor in pristine condition. Tender loving care is the requirement for your floor to remain in excellent quality for innumerable years.

Start Today!

Pine hardwood encompasses what the experts at Floor Coverings International of Mentor believe makes the perfect flooring. Call our friendly staff members to help you find the most suitable flooring for your situation, to answer any questions concerning pine, or to lead you to an alternative that will better accommodate your needs. We offer no-hassle complimentary consultations and come to you with our mobile showroom. Your Painesville or Mentor home will be changed for the better with pine hardwood flooring.

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