At Floor Coverings International of Mentor, our goal is to find the perfect flooring for your home and lifestyle. One of the most popular hardwood options that homeowners choose time and time again is white oak. The beauty and durability of this wood species makes it a great option for all types of homes and families. Let’s take closer look at the qualities of white oak to see if it is right for your Mentor home.

White Oak Hardwood Mentor FlooringDistribution & Popularity

White oak hardwood has been used for shelves, cabinetry, paneling, and flooring for centuries. It is a reliable material and has a neutral enough profile to complement many tastes. An estimated 15% of all wood floors are made of white oak as well as a large percentage of standardized fixtures. This means you can most likely expect it to match existing cabinets or panels in your home.

Environmental Impact

While cutting down trees doesn’t create any sort of positive impact on the environment, choosing to use domestic white oak is far better than importing lumber from threatened ecosystems. It is speculated that over half of the hardwood forests in America are made primarily of oak trees. With this large resource, you can ensure you won’t make a large impact on the overall population and strength of the species. Furthermore, the costs of white oak are kept relatively lower than other species since it is cheaper to find, ship, and produce.

White Oak Hardwood Kitchen Fixtures and Floors Mentor Aesthetic

The distinctive profile of white oak is a point of debate for many homeowners looking to install hardwood. White oak hardwood floors are generally made from a mix both the sapwood and heartwood, which results in a gorgeous variation of color. Single planks can range from light, golden hues to darker brown depending on which section of the tree the wood comes from. If this variation isn’t for you, it is possible to request planks from just the heartwood or sapwood.


On the Janka hardness scale, white oak earns a 1360. It is exceptionally durable, especially for a domestic species, and exceeds the durability of its rosy counterpart, red oak. White oak can withstand the pressures from heavy foot traffic without acquiring superficial scratches, dings, and dents easily. The hardwood also has a closed-grain structure, which means that it is non-porous and resistant to liquid. However, no wood is impervious to damage from external pressure or moisture. Be sure to apply a protective sealant to avoid hard-to-fix problems like structural warping.

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