travertine tile bathroom MentorThanks to their practicality and beauty, tile and stone are some of the most popular flooring choices for homeowners in the greater Mentor, Painesville, Willoughby, and Cleveland area. While ceramic, glass, and dark slate are probably the most common materials for tile, there are many other less “mainstream” choices for people who want their space to look a little more distinct.

The design experts at Floor Coverings International of Mentor want you to make the best choice for your home, so we’ve put together this rundown of travertine tile, a gorgeous and durable option for any room in your home.

About Travertine Tile

travertine mineral spring MentorA type of extraordinarily durable limestone, travertine is the product of naturally occurring mineral springs. In its purest form, travertine is pure white, but the addition of other substances means that it can come in shades of cream, tan, or even rust and gold. If you’re imagining a kind of flecked, matte marble, you’re on the right track (though travertine can also be polished and shiny).

As a building material, travertine has a long history. The Romans used travertine extensively, even choosing it as the material for the famous Colosseum, which is the largest travertine building in the world.

Why Use Travertine Tile?

travertine tile Mentor

Choose travertine tile if you’re looking for something harder and more durable than wood, laminate, or vinyl. Though travertine only has a 3 out of 10 on the Moh Scale of Hardness (1 being a mineral like talc, and 10 being gems like diamond), it’s more than up to the daily wear of kitchens and bathrooms.

And while tile sometimes gets a reputation for only being used in high traffic rooms, travertine is attractive and unique enough that you can feature it with pride in any interior space.

Here are just a few of the other reasons to love travertine tile:

  • Conceals scratches and scrapes
  • Pairs well with natural wood and rugs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Brings luxurious, natural feel to your home
  • Can be sealed and coated for enhanced durability
  • Lasts for decades with proper care


Other Considerations

Like any material, travertine tile is better suited to some situations than others. Being particularly dense and heavy, travertine is not well suited to DIY projects.

Of course, that’s where we come in! Work with the professionals at Floor Coverings International of Mentor to bring the refined beauty of travertine tile into your home! Schedule a free consultation with our mobile showroom today, and we’ll help you get started on your next project.

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