Learn about the benefits of installing wood look floor tiles in your home.

The beautiful and timeless look of hardwood floors have made them a staple flooring option throughout America. Our experts at Floor Coverings International of Mentor love the look of hardwood floors, but know that they do not work well in moisture-prone areas of your home. Wood-look tile is a great hardwood flooring alternative. Here is what our experts want you to know about wood-look tile and where it works best.

Wood-Look Tile Benefits


Advanced technology means that wood-look floor tiles have an incredibly realistic appearance. The tile is shaped into planks, which can accurately mimic any style of traditional hardwood floors. Our experts at Floor Coverings International of Mentor can install the tile with small, similarly colored grout lines, to make floor tiles look even more believable.


Even species of hardwood that rank high on the Janka Hardness Scale can develop nicks and scratches over time. Porcelain and ceramic floor tiles are extremely durable, so your tile will not suffer from wear and tear. The tile is water resistant, making it a great option for moisture-prone areas of your home. From water splashes in your bathroom to spilled milk in your kitchen, wood-look tile can stand up to it all.

Wood-Look Tile Considerations


The detailed aesthetic of wood-look tile means that it is often more expensive than generic ceramic and porcelain tiles. That being said, wood-look tile is extremely long lasting. While there may be a high initial cost, it has a good value over time. To keep costs low, you may want to consider only installing wood-look tile in areas of your home where hardwood is not recommended, like bathrooms and laundry rooms.


Floor tiles are often cool to the touch, which can be unpleasant in the middle of an Ohio winter. To help combat this, our experts at Floor Coverings International of Mentor can install radiant heating underneath the flooring. Instead of being met with chilly floors in the morning, you will have constant control over the temperature of your wood-look floor.

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