Beautiful floor, everything very clean.
Rebecca Tuckerman
Everything went well - Joe was clear about the work being down and the charges. The work was done on time and Marc took the time to clean up and do a thorough job. Everything was great!
Nathan & Terri Hurd
Service was provided in a timely and professional manner. Very courteous and tidy.
Diane Warner
Nothing. Only God gives out tens. I'm satisfied with the results of the work. That's why I decided to complete the remaining room.
Jon Yagoda
Caulk my baseboards.
Debbie Alecci
Customer service was superb. Satisfied with the flooring and the installer was very professional.
Mary and Larry Saccareccia
Other than the fact that it took a little time to schedule my service, the crew was quick and efficient In taking care of my carpet problem. Also, Joe followed up to make sure I was satisfied with the service.
Rose Saganich
Great Service!
Barbara Wisch - Barb and Patty's Butcher Palace
Your sense of genuineness and attention to detail was greatly appreciated.
Gloria Andrews
So far so good. Nice carpeting, nice people.
Nancy Heintz